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More Than Puppy Love

“So, what’s your major?”


“Oh, that’s cool. You must love animals.”

As a pre-veterinary student, this conversation occurs between peers and myself time and time again. It’s true, I love animals; my passion for wanting to be a veterinarian, however, does not come from only loving animals and I don’t expect to spend my days cuddling puppies and kittens. In fact, I want to be a large animal veterinarian and focus on equine (i.e. horse) sports medicine—treating horses that are unsound due to an injury. In my previous post, I shared my journey to LMU. Now, I want to talk about how I decided on veterinary medicine as a career and some of the things I’ve learned along the way. Read the rest of this entry


Wanted: Passion

In my “About Me“, I talk about what I do now as a junior pre-vet student at LMU; what you don’t know is how I got be be a Railsplitter in the first place!

My journey to LMU began my senior year of high school when one of my mom’s patients, whose daughter was also a senior applying to colleges, told my mom about some of the scholarship opportunities LMU offered. Even though I live only 75 miles from Harrogate and had passed by LMU several times on Highway 25E, I didn’t know much about the school or even considered it as an option for my undergraduate education. I had several factors that I was looking for in a college: affordability, quality education, extracurricular activities, and residential life, and I needed to make sure LMU met all of those before I could become a Railsplitter. Read the rest of this entry


A great site

I Hate Practicing

Wild confessions of a professional flutist.


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