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Tech It Out

Even good ole Abe realizes how helpful a smartphone can be!

You know I’m a nerd…but I’m also a techie! Whenever one of my friends has a computer problem or a software question, they ask me. So, I decided to share some of my knowledge with you guys! Like most other college students, my smartphone is my constant companion. Since all of my professors communicate by email and BlackBoard posts, it’s really important that I be able to receive, read, and reply back with any questions I may have. I do so much more with my iPhone though! I want to introduce you guys to some really great apps that have made my college life so much easier and less hectic. Some people use Android or Windows phones, but my preferred platform is the iPhone because it links to my computer through iCloud. If you don’t have a smartphone, don’t fret-many of these things are easily done with good ole fashion pencil and paper as well. I’ll be talking about three different apps: two to help me study and stay organized, and one to help me chill out. I use paper planners (see E-Learning is Excellent), but sometimes I still need that extra reminder of “Hey! You have something due tomorrow!” because I have a lot going on. Having an app that allows me to speed up a lecture is really beneficial because I can listen to a lecture in less time, but still get all the information out of it. Read the rest of this entry


E-Learning is Excellent

Online learning versus tradition classrooms-which is better?

Online courses, e-learning. computer-based instruction. Whatever the name, this method of teaching is rapidly becoming popular in universities across the nation because of the flexibility offered to the students and the teacher. Instead of having a designated meeting time multiple days a week, online classes allow students to have a more flexible schedule to do classwork wherever they want, at a time that is more convenient (though there are deadlines, just like traditional classes!). LMU offers several classes each semester in an online format in order to make scheduling a little bit easier for students, especially those who commute from home. Personally, I’ve taken three courses as online classes since my freshman year, and I’m currently enrolled in three online classes. There are several reasons why I chose to take online classes, and while I enjoy the non-traditional environment provided by these classes, there are also some challenges that I had to be aware of going into these online classes. Read the rest of this entry


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I Hate Practicing

Wild confessions of a professional flutist.


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