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The End is Only the Beginning, Part 2

In Part 1, I told you all about the first part of the veterinary school application process: the VMCAS application. This week, I’m going to share my experiences with LMU’s supplemental, my interview, and my acceptance into the Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2018! I’ll also discuss the changes for LMU-CVM’s next application cycle, so future applicants can be informed how the process will be proceeding in the coming years. Dr. Schadler, the Associate Dean of Student Services and Admissions, has been gracious enough to provide his words of wisdom about veterinary medical education, so be sure to check out his quotes below!

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The End is Only the Beginning, Part 1

My home for the next 4 years!

This is my last semester as an undergraduate student at LMU, and I’m beginning to get nostalgic. I just received the Fall 2014 Housing Application, and for the first time I’m marking “Moving Off Campus” instead of filling in my roommates and our preferred residence hall. Fall Early Registration begins soon, and I’m not going to be meeting with my advisors to set up my schedule for my last year at LMU. I’m no longer going to be having class with the people that went through the Freshmen Survival Weekend with me. I’m moving into a new chapter of my life, and it’s quite terrifying, but incredibly exciting at the same time. That’s because I’m going to be a Railsplitter veterinary student come August! I’m going to do a two-part post on the process of applying to vet school. This is part one, where I talk about the application and all of its parts and pieces. Read the rest of this entry


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