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It’s All About The Animals, Part 1

As I’ve mentioned in past posts (see The End is Only the Beginning Part 1 and The”Perfect” Application”), animal experience is incredibly important in the veterinary application process. This experience allows for applicants to understand an owner’s perspective and to feel more at ease when working around different species. For instance, I have a lot of experience with horses and dogs, but not cats; other people in my class have a TON of dog and cat experience, but don’t feel comfortable around large animals. A lot of this variation is because of our future professional interests: I want to work with horses, while others want to focus on small animals, whether that be in shelter medicine or running a practice.

2012 Wind River Ranch Wranglers (photo: Jenna James)
My 2012 Wrangler Family
(photo: Jenna James)

I got my start in working with horses at the meek age of eight. My family and I were planning a vacation, and my dad goes, “Why don’t we go to Estes Park, Colorado?”. So my mom gets on the computer and starts Googling (keep in mind, this was in 2001 and Google wasn’t as huge as it is today) and finds Wind River Ranch, a Christian Family Guest Ranch, in Estes Park. We spent a wonderful, action-packed week out at “the ranch”, riding horses on trails and in the arena. I was hooked–my dad didn’t know what he had started! For my birthday later in the summer, I asked for horseback riding lessons. We were able to find a local stable that offered lessons, so my brother and I started lessons in October 2001. Over the next few summers, we headed back out to the ranch for more weeks of fun and riding adventures. Read the rest of this entry


After the Admission

You’ve been accepted to vet school–congratulations! What’s the next step? Glad you asked! There’s a TON of information about applying, interviewing, and gaining admittance to vet schools, but not a lot about the matriculation process: paying your deposit, finding housing, and purchasing all the neat things that are required for school and labs. Never fear, I’m going to lead you through what happens after the acceptance.

Tell Everyone!

The most exciting part about my acceptance was being able to tell my friends and family! This is something that I’ve worked very hard for over the past three years, and knowing that it all paid off was a wonderful feeling. I had so much support from my family and friends throughout this process; any time I felt like I was really struggling with school, these people were there to help me through and encourage me to press on towards my goal. They were just as excited as I was when I received my acceptance letter.

Paying the Deposit

By now you should know that an education in veterinary medicine does not come cheaply. Vet schools require students that have been admitted to pay a deposit in order to secure their seat. After April 15th, any seats that have not been secured can be offered to students on the wait list. For the Class of 2018, our matriculation fee could be applied towards our tuition after we matriculate. Read the rest of this entry


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