Expectations vs Reality: Clubs and Extracurriculars

Sorry for the hiatus! I had wrist surgery over spring break and was not able to do a lot of fine-motor tasks (like typing). I’m returning back to my series of Expectations vs Reality of vet school with a discussion on clubs and extracurricular activities. I knew that I wanted to be involved with several clubs, mainly Christian Veterinary Fellowship (CVF) and the Student Chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (SCAAEP), but I was interested in seeing what other ideas my peers came up with.

As part of the inaugural class, we had to determine what interest groups and clubs to form. This process ended up taking most of first semester. Before we even began classes, there was a lot of discussion about what clubs we felt like were important; we started with a list of over twenty, and eventually whittled that down to nine clubs that we ended up starting. One issue we had to face was the limited number of people we had to serve as club officers. I ended up serving on the executive board for three clubs: Student Government Association, CVF, and SCAAEP. Next year, I will only be on CVF’s executive board-being an officer for three clubs meant attending several meetings per month in addition to regular club meetings, wet labs, and visiting speakers, and I want to have more free time to devote to studying and keeping my sanity.

I highly encourage my peers and next year’s class to get involved in clubs; they’re a great way to gain more experience and help determine what you may want to specialize in. In SCAAEP, we did two wet labs this spring: a Caslick’s procedure and a tracheostomy placement (both on cadavers). Under the guidance of Drs. Dascanio and Christmann, we were able to observe and practice fourth-year procedures and learn when these techniques would be used. SCAAEP also set up foal teams to monitor the four broodmares who were due to foal in April or May and feeding schedules for the weekends for experienced and novice horsemen to get more comfortable working around the horses. Many students chose to help out on a foal team because they got a lot of practice with their equine physical exam. Towards the end of the semester, mares had to be checked at least once daily to see how they were progressing and if they were near to foaling, so my peers and I got very comfortable with our equine skills.

One of my favorite parts of being involved with CVF was the wonderful fellowship I had at our weekly Bible studies. We also went to a conference, Real Life Real Impact, which was hosted by University of Tennessee-Knoxville College of Veterinary Medicine and got to meet fellow students from the southeast region. It was very encouraging to talk with colleagues who were going through the same struggles that I was in school, and to hear from veterinarians about a variety of topics. We all left feeling refreshed and blessed, and are excited to go back next year.

The RLRI group at UTK-CVM this past January.

I hope this series has enlightened you to some of the realities of vet school. I’ll be starting a new series soon, so keep an eye out!

If you want more information on LMU-CVM, check out the admissions page, feel free to email me, or leave a comment!


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  1. Excellent and informative reading as always. I love Julie’s blog!

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