The Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking to identify, recruit, and enroll qualified students who are likely to succeed in the professional curriculum and become successful veterinarians.

Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) was founded in 1897 to honor of the commitment of Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 request to organize a university for the people of the Cumberland Gap area. The University’s mission to advance life in the Cumberland Gap area and the Appalachian region with its teaching, research, and service activities is accomplished by making educational and research opportunities available to students where they live. Providing an accessible and affordable veterinary medical education to qualified students in the Appalachian region is a key component to the mission of the LMU-College of Veterinary Medicine.


The mission of LMU-CVM is to prepare veterinarians who are committed to the premise that the cornerstone of meaningful existence is service to attain optimal health for people, animals, and our environment. The mission of the LMU-CVM is achieved by:

  • Graduating Doctors of Veterinary Medicine;
  • Providing a values-based learning community as the context for teaching, research, and service;
  • Serving the health and wellness needs of people, animals, and the environment within both the Appalachian region and beyond with an emphasis on the One Health approach;
  • Focusing on comprehensive veterinary health care in companion animal, equine health, production animal health, and public health/comparative biomedical sciences;
  • Investing in quality undergraduate and graduate academic programs supported by superior faculty and technology;
  • Embracing compassionate veterinary care that values diversity, public service, and leadership as an enduring commitment to the professionalism and the highest ethical standards.

For more information, visit LMU-CVM’s website, “Like” the Facebook Page, follow on Twitter, or feel free to contact me!


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