Applying to Vet School

Applying to vet school is scary and exciting! Hopefully, my past posts on my experiences in the process can help you out. I’ve complied a list of all my blogs regarding the application process so you don’t have to sift through all of my posts.

The End is Only the Beginning Part 1

I talk about the Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS) and its various components. This includes talking about the coursework section, the differences in the types of experiences you can list, evaluations from professors and veterinarians, and the personal statement. Several of the LMU-CVM professors kindly gave my their words of wisdom, which are included as well.

The End is Only the Beginning Part 2

This post focuses on my LMU Supplemental, my interview, and my acceptance into LMU-CVM. I also discuss several changes that the CVM is making for future cycles so new applicants can be well-informed of different prerequisites and procedures in the application process.

Sweating Cats and Dogs

Do you get nervous thinking about being interviewed? Never fear, this post is here! I talk about appropriate attire to make a great first impression, how to prepare for possible questions that may be asked, and my interview with Dr. Schadler.

The “Perfect” Applicant

What does it take to get into vet school? Being perfect, of course! (Not really.) Here, I debunk some of the common myths about the “perfect” requirements to get into vet school: GPA, veterinary and animal experiences, GRE scores, and community service and extracurricular activities. Check it out!

After the Admission

What happens AFTER you get admitted to vet school? Sure, there’s plenty of information about how to get INTO vet school, but not a whole lot about the matriculation process. Check out this post where I talk about paying the deposit, finding housing, and buying all the needed equipment.

It’s All About The Animals, Part 1

You know how important animal experience is for your vet school application, but sometimes it’s hard to find a place that is willing to let you work! Fortunately, Wind River Ranch was willing to hire me as a wrangler for two summers, where I gained a lot of valuable knowledge. Check out this post!

It’s All About The Animals, Part 2

In continuation of Part 1, I discuss my other major animal experience: the 4-H Horse Project. I’ve briefly discussed aspects of 4-H in the past, but this goes into way more detail, including my favorite classes to show in. Enjoy!

 “Vetting” the Field, Part 1

The “Experience” sections of VMCAS are confusing to many people, so here I discuss the differences between animal, veterinary, and research experience. I also share my background in clinical research and human medicine and how these experiences fit into veterinary medicine.

“Vetting” the Field, Part 2

The second part of this series talks about my actual hands-on veterinary experience with LMU’s Veterinary Medical Technology program and shadowing two veterinarians through their practices. I talk about the “soft skills” that I saw displayed in my time following some wonderful and passionate veterinarians throughout their day.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me!


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