Life in Vet School


All Creatures Great and Small

Do you have questions about LMU-CVM’s curriculum? Check out this post! I go through the whole pre-clinical curriculum and outline what each class covers.

Welcome to Vet School

Ever wonder about what happens during orientation? Here, I take you through the two and a half days of my orientation, including the not-so-interesting financial talks and the really fun team-building activities on the final day.

Update: Vet School is Hard!

The first four weeks of school were difficult, especially with studying for my first block exam. Want to know about vet school exams and juggling more information than you’ve ever been faced with? This is your post!

Jake Goes To Vet School

Finding pet-friendly housing so that I could have (wo)man’s best friend at school was a challenge, so I compiled a list of tips and reasons why you shouldn’t give up hope! Plus, you get to see lots of cute pictures of my awesome dog, Jake.


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