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The “Perfect” Application

This isn’t QUITE fair, because getting into med school is tough too!

Along my pre-vet journey, I’ve done a lot of research in to the 30 veterinary medical schools across the United States. There are a lot of helpful websites and blogs out there on getting admitted to vet school and how to be the “perfect” applicant, like Student Doctor Network and this blog that post tips about the application and even offer coaching and personal statement proofing (for$200 an hour-what?!). If you compile all of this information, like I did, you would basically find the components of the perfect applicant, according to previous applicants (not admissions committees):

  1.  >3.8 GPA
  2. >1000 hours of veterinary experience in ALL fields (small, large, farm, and zoo animals)
  3. >1000 hours of animal experience in several fields (small, large, and farm animals)
  4. 90th percentile GRE scores (verbal reasoning >162, quantitative reasoning >164, analytical writing >4.5)
  5. 1000’s of hours of community service & extracurricular activities, especially where you are in a leadership position

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